Join us as we travel through the exquisitely lit gums of Central Australia following the beautifully illuminated Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists lanterns. 

Jane Mervin’s owls entitled “Tjulpu Kutjara Nyinanyi Punungka Nyanganyi” and Kukula McDonald’s red tails entitled “Red Tails Looking for Shelter” mesmerize us as we are carried by the local community on this gentle journey. Bird puppets created by Henry Smith and music by Stephanie Harrison and Pin Rada add to the captivating and atmospheric setting. 

Set in the Alice Springs Desert Park, invite your friends and family from near and far to join us in this special place; the unique, traditional Unbroken Land experience.

Incite Arts present ‘Unbroken Land’ which is about bringing people together through community arts practice to experience diverse stories of belonging, celebrations of culture and our place in the landscape.

The ‘Unbroken Land’ water themed video works showcase the talents of our Alice Springs community on more far reaching online platforms, and to far greater audiences than the original planned live event. Access and inclusion will remain at the very heart of the virtual Unbroken Land, with closed captioning and audio description access features.