Performance and recording artists Madam Zuzu and Faggot Mafia are moments away from releasing their new film clip "Riding High". See behind the scenes and get ready for the next chance to be under Madam and the Mafia in the dungeon!

Madam ZuZu: From the dungeons of Berlin to the chandeliers of New York, cabaret legend Madam ZuZu sees international audiences tremble with fear and delight at the ecstatic scintillating lashings of her dangerous gaze and thrilling operatic voice. The classically trained songstress gained a cult following in Melbourne's queer art scene from the late 90's, including performances at the Melbourne Concert Hall, the Famous Speigeltent and a regular ovation at the Black Cat Cabaret Bar.

Faggot Mafia's dance floors are an unleashed breeding ground of poofs, sluts, witches and freaks. A Queer, gender non-binary performance artist, DJ, MC, music producer, composer, political satirist & champion of gay divorce, they have been organising community arts events and projects; and doing queer performance since 2011 in Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Springs, as well as performing at local venues and festivals including Wide Open Spaces, Alice Springs Desert Fest and Alice Springs Pride Carnivale.