Techy Masero was born and raised in Chile, where she trained at a tertiary level as a fine arts teacher and specialist sculptor and painter.  She migrated to Australia in 1985 and has since continually worked as an artist and artistic facilitator in the Northern Territory, and other parts of Australia and the world.

Her experience, scope of work and breadth of skills as a sculptural artist, community arts facilitator and collaborator with Indigenous people in the NT is beyond compare.  She works on a monumental scale and her many works are instantly recognisable around the Territory as an integral part of parks, community spaces, outdoor festivals, and events.

Techy manages every aspect of the creation of her artworks, from the community engagement and concept design phase to the construction, engineering, and installation phase. Her works are constructed by hand, are high quality and expertly executed.

Her holistic life experience as an artist and arts facilitator has seen 35 years of artistic expression and collaboration, with her works created to be inclusive of the landscape, the environment, the Traditional Owners of the land, the people interacting with the art and the culture of the land it is installed.