Sit back and enjoy this 30-minute Deadly Darwin supershow featuring seven deadly First Nations Comedians in one night of powerhouse live comedy.

Deadly Darwin is leading the nation in providing opportunities and developing the skills of Aboriginal comedians. Deadly Darwin Comedy believes in changing the narrative about how people think about modern Aboriginal society, breaking down the stereotypes and view surrounding Aboriginal people and introducing society to a new and exciting concept of what it means to be Aboriginal today.

Comedy offers the chance to connect with community in a new way and for comedy to lead to healing.

You are about to witness the strength of Darwin street comedy.

Richard Fejo, Normie Gee, Richie Harris, Paul Seden, Desmo Lewis, James Parfitt, and Nathan Wright bring the best of Deadly comedy to the famous Dom's Bar of Nightcliff, NT.

Special thanks to comedian and host Will Crawford for his firey kimono warm-up act at the taping, an incredible sight to behold! Dom from Dom's Bar and all of the wonderful audience members.

Camera: Rick Knight, Pete Garnish and Steven Hoare.

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