In early 2020, days prior to the onset of initial COVID lockdowns the artists united under curator, Mats Undén to create an exhibition at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art that encompasses printmaking across the Territory.

To satisfy the art cravings of international home isolators, Jack Tinapple and Lukas Bendel set about “virtualising” this exhibition in the two-dimensional and 360-degree spaces of the ‘light’ web.

They discovered that Printmaking itself had a deep-set history and a major impact on the Northern art scene, so they proceeded to produce this mini-documentary about the characters involved and what Printmaking means.

Set to music created by the curator himself, enjoy the exhibition as though you were walking the floors of NCCA, go to the studios of key players and find out how Printmaking in the Northern Territory might develop in the future.

Created with NCCA, by Jack Tinapple and Lukas Bendel.

Jack Tinapple –
Lukas Bendel –