LUMINOUS is an emerging Northern Territory theatre company, based on an artist ensemble of multi-skilled performers of all abilities.

Director, Tania Lieman leads the ensemble and pulls together the teams best suited to serving the artists and the shows that they are creating. Resident theatre company of Darwin Community Arts, Luminous trains weekly and are currently exploring blacklight theatre and working on their first play for children ‘Trash Magic’.

  • Tania Lieman Producer/Writer,/Director/Puppet maker, Puppeteer
  • Kyle Adams - Performer, Puppeteer and Sound Designer
  • Omri Mason - Performer, Puppeteer and Designer
  • Bryn Whackett - Performer/Puppeteer
  • El IBo - Performer/Puppeteer
  • Manny Dado - Head Puppeteer, Performer

Artists are mentored by Tania Lieman and Manny Dado.